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Ceiner M16, AR15 and .22 Caliber Conversion Tuning



A dedicated upper receiver with used suppressor designed to be
used with a Ciener .22 caliber kit.
This upper receiver unit consists of a
flattop upper receiver with built in pic rail.
The barrel is, of course, threaded for a sound suppressor. Threaded barrels may be had in lengths from
3 inches to 4 1/2 inches. The free floating aluminum handguards are
7 1/4 inch (carbine length)
you may select between either a fluted or knurled gripping surface. The sound suppressor works exceptionally well and is full auto
rated with stainless steal mounting threads.  It is the WM-2 model from Williams Manufacturing of TN.  It is a closeout unit, explaining the killer price.
This upper receiver unit will allow you
to use inexpensive bulk pack .22 ammo from Wal Mart
and still remain subsonic so there is no need to pay for expensive specialty sub-sonic ammo.

MTG price $449.00 plus taxes (for upper & suppressor)

Add a Spikes Tactical full auto .22 kit for only $250 more.


If you have one of the Ciener M16 .22 subcaliber kits you have probably had some function problems with it. They are great fun, but can be very troublesome to run in full auto. I will tune your kit to run in full auto mode for $159.00, plus the return shipping to you. Send to me your kit and I will tune and test it and return it to you with an ammo recommendation. I always tune the kits to run with ammo that can be cheaply purchased in the 500 to 550 round packs at Wal-Mart. There is really no point in having one that is so picky you have to spend 4 to 6 cents per round to make it run. If you want to send your upper receiver as well to ensure that you kit will run with it, that is fine. I guarantee my work. If you want your kit tuned to a specific brand of ammo, please include at least 300 rounds of that specific ammo and there will be an additional $25 charge.

Contact me at
(270) 699-1480
or email me at



Ceiner made 30 round .22 AR15 / M16 magazine

These are slightly used,
still in outstanding condition.
They fit the Cobray made
Atchisson mark I kit as well as the
Mark III kit currently made by Ciener.

MTG Price $62.00